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One Direction – The Manuel Ortiz Show – Saturday Night Live – Video

One Direction was on the Manuel Ortiz Show on Saturday Night Live!

What about the children???

Introducing Juan Direction: Carlito, Pepito, Martito, Miguelito and Dick! OMG! Bwahahahaha! Added bonus: Sofia Vergara looked like Haley Reinhart, LOL!

Watch the video here:

Zayn Malik

Carlito Pepito Martito Miguelito and Dick

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"Sofia Vergara looked like Haley Reinhart."


Ha. Thanks for pointing that out.  :)


Sofia was the best host they've had in a while.


I'm not in the target market for Uno Direccion or One Direction, so I'll withhold comment other than saying, they did quite well here.

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

So glad they were part of a skit, best thing of the whole night, LOL! Omg their dancing. Amazing.