One Direction – “Kiss You” Music Video – Sneak Peeks

Hey, you guys, guess what? One Direction is debuting their brand spankin’ new music video for “Kiss You” this Monday. As fans eagerly await, desperate for their chance at commenting “first!!!1,” the group has begun releasing daily sneak peeks; trailers and teases of what debauchery has yet to hit Vevo.

First, the boys join the Navy. What upstanding citizens!


Oh, no! For some reason the boys were arrested. Jailhouse rock! Even prison is fun with 1D.


Amidst the musical mayhem, the fivesome managed to escape. Nice getaway rides!


Lastly (for now), they reach their destiny as festive ski instructors!



Seriously, these guys are kind of funny, no? Who’s your favorite? I think I like blond leprechaun.

One Direction - "Kiss You" Music Video - Sneak Peeks

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