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Omarion is ‘Fully Gay’ says Raz-B’s brother

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h8teradeblog has the scoop on Omarion. Raz-B’s brother Ricky Romance tells them that Omarion is ‘fully gay’ in a recent chat on Facebook. LOL This is the homo-thug soap opera of our generation and I love it! This should be made into a movie (even made for TV is OK).

They even added a picture of Omarion with his alleged boyfriend. OMG — it’s not Bow Wow? I’m gutted.

Omarion Boyfriend Gay.jpg

From h8teradeblog:

Raz B is practically useless, even while in B2k, but his wack ass brother provided us with really good info. All during Raz B’s INSANE video’s he never really went ham on Omarion. Yea he said that Omarion’s Trick ass mammy fucked J-boog (NASTY BITCH!) But it was Raz B’s Illuminati ass brother who spilled the beans that Omarion is “Fully Gay”.

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