Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving – Official Video

Credit: Ian Hotchkiss and Chris Lowe

“It’s Thanksgiving,” the holiday-themed pop tune, is written and produced by Patrice Wilson, who penned Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Ignoring Wilson’s penchant for staging music videos in which unsupervised twelve year-olds (Westbrook is 12, by the way, so for her, Kurt Cobain has always been dead) do everything from driving their parents’ car to school without a license, to hosting their own Thanksgiving dinners in a Neverland house devoid of parental supervision, the song actually attempts to fill a particular gap in the music market. Because, really, where are all the good Thanksgiving carols?

The song has received roughly three million hits since it was posted on November 7, and could wind up becoming the biggest “bad song viral video” sensation since “Friday” (depending on what you think of PSY’s “Gangnam Style”). That said, Nicole Westbrook doesn’t really have a bad voice at all, and is at least a better singer here than Black was in her debut. So there’s that. (And hey, it’s not like it’s her fault Wilson is a lousy songwriter.)

Other things we learn from the music video:

-The Fourth of July is apparently in April now.
-A turkey drumstick is on track to replace the hair brush as the de facto “pretend microphone” of teenage girls everywhere.
-Call-and-response choruses actually can get more ridiculous than “Partyin’, Partyin’, YEAH!” Evidence: “With the turkey! AYY! Mashed potatoes! AYY!”
-“Can’t be hateful/Gotta be grateful/Mashed potatoes/On my table” will be how future civilizations say grace.
-Nicole Westbrook is actually a way better rapper than Wilson, whose verse in “Friday” was unironically atrocious.

Most importantly of all, we-we-we learn that Wilson’s songwriting skills are way less funny when he’s in on the joke.

Credit: Ian Hotchkiss and Chris Lowe

So what do you think of “It’s Thanksgiving”?

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