Nicole Scherzinger says she was given Rihanna’s We Found Love

Nicole Scherzinger, better known as the chick who found One Direction, is talking again! The X Factor UK judge says that she was given Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and passed on it.


“I passed on We Found Love. I’ve got the demo of that song and I was busy at the time. They’d sent me a few dance tracks and I wasn’t able to get to them and I was like, ‘Oh there’s so much dance and I want to take a break from it’.

That was my fault. I slept on it.”

Source: Notion

I’m sure this is true but Nicole is a bit of a girl who cried wolf to me. No shade, I was here when she came out with the banger “Right Here” with 50 Cent and other songs, but she needs to whip out a good song soon.



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