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Nicki Minaj walks out of American Idol Charlotte auditions – Video

Here’s the video of the much-hyped Nicki Minaj walk out and Mariah Carey fight on American Idol 12.

Seriously, this was a dud of a “fight”. Mariah ordered extra security for this? LOL! But I will have to agree with Nicki here, Randy Jackson was being a jerk.

Nicki is really the people’s judge! I love her!

Nicki Minaj walks out of American Idol Charlotte auditions  Video

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Klope62 moderator

Nicki was on point.


I didn't think I'd be saying this but I agree with Nicki and find her a good judge - I, too, am sick of them always trying to label a contestant and put them in a box.  Yes they did seem to be scaring her into lying.  They should let her find her own way and learn on the journey.


I concur with you,Rickey. I was like:"Is that it??" "That was the fight that been hyped for months??!!!!" Sigh.


She was just being honest. I love her. Actually she is better than any of those new judges including JLo, Britney or Demi. Shut up naysayers!!!


nicky was right! hated mariah and randy for labelling people who auditions..judge them by how they sing first!