Nicki Minaj – Va Va Voom – Official Music Video

Nicki Minaj‘s new video for the upcoming single “Va Va Voom” literally premiered just moments ago! Did Nicki deliver?

Download: Va Va Voom

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Yet another video where Nicki looks stunning.I like the storyline, it was very great! The fairy tale spin was excellent. However what Minaj also did was opt to add in some type of choreography which would have added alot to this visual, as it falls flat just a bit. But with all of the storyline and other juices flowing from a artistic tip, I’ll take it. Next time, just give us more choreo, Nick.

Side Note: Isn’t it interesting after “The Boys” isn’ doing so hot, they are going back to not the re-release, but a single from the main album to milk now? Hopefully “Voom” succeeds, it should have been a single ages ago.

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Mathieu R
Mathieu R

Trey's right. This did feel a little flat. I'm not sure dancing would have helped. I think it's the whole pop thing. Nicki needs to get gangsta with it and ratchet with it. She needs to bring more urban and more hip-hop. She does look pretty good though so at least there is that. But I'm not sure what to do to this song. Slow dance? Get crunk? Lean back? Nod my head? Meh. Next.