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Nicki Minaj thinks Jimmy Iovine’s negativity is impacting Idol vote

Are you one of those people that think Lazaro Arbos should be gone, or at least in the bottom 3? Nicki Minaj thinks that some Idol viewers may be voting for him because of Jimmy Iovine.

Photo: FOX

Photo: FOX

In an interview with TV Guide on Iovine, Nicki said:

I wish he would just zip his lips and let America make their own decisions. Because he comes down very hard on Lazaro [Arbos], America keeps voting for him. You don’t want to force a decision down [viewers'] throats because they’re going to feel compelled to rebel.”

Randy also added

They’ve got to open up our mics so we can come back at him. And we should judge Jimmy!

Keith said

I think he’s pretty accurate. But I agree with Jimmy when he agrees with me, otherwise I don’t agree!


What do you think?

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The judges on AI. 

Keith is f***ng hot! I wouldn't mind staring at him all through out the show. 

Nikki - my little lady bug... i love that she expresses what she really feels. And that's enough for me to listen to her comments. 

Randy - Ohmyohmy... of the three original judges of AI, he should have been the first to go. With all the eccentricities of Paula, I'd rather have her anytime than Randy. 

Mariah - she's just completely and utterly boring. She should just sing.  


People love Lazaro including it his back story that is propelling him forward.....probably......have people taken notice of him.....very much so.....and as anyone knows in the world of entertainment its all about being noticed .....will he win...probably not but he will likely be there for the long haul.......Jimmys overtop remarks this past week have only cemented the audiences love for if only he can take Nickis advice and stay out of the room with Jimmy.....and sing the songs he loves :)


i prefer to blame the judges why put him through boooo......

Klope62 moderator

Nicki knows.

waynocoaster moderator

The whole idea of a voting procedure is that YOU have the right to vote for whoever you wish for your reason.  Nicki is the one who should go.  She keeps her back to Randy and Mariah ALWAYS.  This is tension and she is knowingly doing it.


so if jimmy stops implementing the vote so lazaro stays...will the judges stop pimping every girl contestant even though half of their performances are mediocre? It's way too obvious and its making the show tough to watch....not every girl performance is bad...candice and angela are amazing!....but they love janelle, shes not good....I think Kree is SUPER over-rated...and Amber has ups and downs.


@Mikhail XO 

Randy: Yo, dawg. dawg, look. Listen. Yo. Hey. Dawg. Come on. Wheel house. Lane. Whitney Houston! Mariah Carrey! 

Mariah: What? 

Randy: Dawg. 

Every gawd damn show.