Nicki Minaj Goes Smurf Blue for Vogue Magazine

Ever wonder what Nicki Minaj would look like as a smurf? Well, the time is here. Donning an outfit reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood and rockin’ some pink hair, Minaj looks as hot as ever.

Coming off a highly controversial Grammy performance, Minaj continues to push boundaries.

Take a look:

From Vogue:

Her appeal extends far beyond her legions of young female fans—whom she calls not her “little monsters” but her little sisters—to adults captivated by the unexpected cadences of her raps and the raw honesty of her words. Given her strong sartorial, and rhetorical, proclivities, Minaj would seem to prefer a riotous, club kid–ish catwalk show. But here she is at Carolina Herrera (“so regal and special”) and at de la Renta (he has been known to watch her videos on YouTube). Then again, why wouldn’t this wildly individualistic performer, whose five-year plan includes an autobiography, a stack of Grammys, and movie stardom, defy assumptions? It isn’t the first time. Minaj discovered the power of costume when she dressed as Freddy Krueger for the “My Chick Bad” video with Luda­cris two years ago. “It made me feel so free. It was me inside.”

Photo from Vogue/Taken by Steven Klein

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