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Nicki Minaj flirts with American Idol 12 Hunks – Video

Nicki Minaj flirts with the hunks of American Idol Season 12 in Chicago.

I love Nicki — she’s thinking what we’re thinking. She’s the people’s judge!

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Nicki Minaj flirts with American Idol 12 Hunks  Video

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Nicki has proven to be a wonderful surprise....frank honest and above all she finds the good in even the most awkward moments.....It amazes me the amount of backlah against her on Idol forums.....are people even watching or just judging her without even giving her a thing to happen to idol in years


I hate Nicki as a singer, rapper whatever, I love Nicki as a judge.


"people's judge" made me remember that I forgot Ellen was a judge that time. Lol!