New ‘Twilight Zone’ series being developed by CBS

A new Twilight Zone could be back on TV really soon. CBS TV Studios are in the early stages of development with Bryan Singer as executive producer.

Hope it happens.

From EW:

This is the most exciting TV development news we’ve heard in awhile.
CBS TV Studios in the very early stages of a new version of the classic series The Twilight Zone.

Bryan Singer (X-Men) is attached as executive producer. There is no writer and or network attached at this time. So this project could fade away. But the development wheels are turning.

Creator-host Rod Serling’s original 1959-64 edition of The Twilight Zone is considered one of the best shows of all time. Attempts to revive the series have largely struggled — there was a 1985 edition that ran for three seasons (two on CBS, one in syndication), and another in 2002 on UPN that lasted only one season. There’s been a second Twilight Zone movie mired in development for several years, too, with Leonardo DiCaprio attached as executive producer. The film is reportedly about a test pilot who returns to Earth after an experimental flight to discover it’s 96 years in the future.

New  Twilight Zone series being developed by CBS

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