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New Show ‘Private Lives of Nashville Wives’ To Air On Monday!

New Show 'Private Lives of Nashville Wives' To Air On Monday!

TNT has a new show based on the Real Housewives model: the Privates Lives of Nashville Wives.

Set in and around the capital of the high-stakes country music business, Private Lives of Nashville Wives will follow a group of accomplished, opinionated and driven women as they deal with professional challenges, family issues and social relationships.

It will premiere on Monday, February 24, at 10/9c on TNT. One of its stars is Cassie Chapman, who is married to five-time Grammy nominee and seven-time Dove Award winner Gary Chapman, a Christian music artist.

Together the couple is exploring starting their own family. At 23 years younger than Gary, Cassie is often called a “trophy wife,” but she is determined to prove that their relationship is real and that they fell in love for all of the right reasons.

Don’t forget to check out this intriguing new show taking you behind the scenes of the country music industry and more! There’s sure to be drama with these feisty southern women!

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