New Country Releases! September 3, 2013

It’s another great New Music Tuesday in country music this September 3.

New Country Releases! September 3

One of the new records released today is Craig Morgan‘s The Journey – Livin’ Hits on Black River Entertainment, featuring 12 tracks and including the lead single, ‘Wake Up Lovin’ You’ (listen here).

1. Wake Up Lovin’ You
2. We’ll Come Back Around
3. Party Girl
4. If Not Me
5. More Trucks Than Cars
6. This Ole Boy
7. International Harvester
8. Tough
9. Little Bit of Life
10. Redneck Yacht Club
11. That’s What I Love About Sunday
12. Almost Home

New Country Releases! September 3 2

Also released today was Chris Janson‘s Chris Janson EP, that features 5 tracks.

1. Cut Me Some Slack
2. Better I Don’t
3. Redneck Revival
4. When I’m Holdin’ Her
5. Corn

In addition, Tim Sweeney has released the single ‘Baby I Try For You’ on Oil House Records, and Jared Daniels has released the single ‘Foot On The Dashboard’ on Shade Records.

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