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Morning Edition Links – 12/10/2009

Good Morning Angels! (12 Seconds) – Total fail Alarm-tern.

Google CEO says privacy doesn’t matter. Google blacklists CNet for violating CEO’s privacy. (Boing Boing) – Irony.

Profile of a Woman Addicted to Xbox Achievements (Kotaku) – My friend Angry Alex is 600 points away from 100,000.

Twitter Art in 140 Characters (Twitter) – Follow @TW1TT3Rart

Obama Accepts Nobel Peace Prize (Gothamist) – This is why choosing Obama just weeks after he was elected president was idiotic. Just last week, he announced that he has authorized an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and today he gets the Nobel “Peace” Prize. Doesn’t make sense.

Carrie Underwood Bashes Tony Romo, Simon Cowell in Esquire (Popeater) – “Simon’s obviously very smart. But he’s not the smartest person I know.”

Blake Lewis helps Seattle Salvation Army ring in the season (USA Today) – Video

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