Modern day ‘Zorro’ series in the works at USA Network


Credit: TriStar Pictures

Credit: TriStar Pictures

Reinforcing the notion that all modern reboots of classic concepts will invariably take place in either New York or Los Angeles, USA Network has commissioned a retelling of the Zorro tale, this time set in present day Los Angeles. Because if any place in the world needs Spanish Batman, it’s the City of Angels.

Tentatively titled “Z,” the project is the brainchild of executive producers Naren Shankar (TV’s “CSI” and “Grimm”) and Louis Leterrier (“The Incredible Hulk” and “Clash of the Titans” films), alongside writers Whit Brayton and Zack Rice. Shankar will serve as showrunner while Leterrier would direct several episodes.

The entire series is tentative at this stage, as “Z” has only received a script-to-series order, with a decision made in January or February. If USA gives the project the greenlight, “Z” would go straight to series without a pilot.

“Z” will retell the story of Diego Moreno, chronicling his development from an orphaned teen, raising his sister with almost no assistance, to a famed defender of the innocent.

Georgeville TV, having secured the rights to “Zorro” from John Gertz and Zorro Productions (which apparently is an actual thing that exists), is set to produce.

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