Mitchell Kelly replaced by Robert Roldan tonight on So You Think You Can Dance

Mitchell Kelly replaced by Robert Roldan

Mitchell Kelly will be replaced by Robert Roldan tonight because of an injury. He popped his shoulder!

He will be in the bottom 4 boys during the results show. Poor Mitchell! He hasn’t had the chance to dance in a non-group number yet and he might just go home this week.

From Comcast:

Mitchell Kelly, a 20-year-old contemporary dancer from Chicago, will not be able to perform Wednesday night when the top 20 hit the stage to compete for the first time. Instead, Season 7’s Robert Roldan – who was helping out with choreography these past few weeks – is in, executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe told this morning.

“Yes, we’ve already had our first accident,” Lythgoe told us. “Mitchell popped his shoulder. He can’t dance tomorrow. But his partner is who we’re worried about now so Robert Roldan is dancing in Mitchell’s place.”

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