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MIKA ft. Ariana Grande – Popular Song – Official Music Video

Mika ft. Ariana Grande - Popular Song - Official Music Video

Here is the official music video for MIKA’s “Popular Song” featuring the lovely and talented Ariana Grande. Funny enough, it seems like Grande’s own popularity is on the rise heading into this partnering. MIKA, meanwhile, is still doing what he does best; peppering infectious melodies with raw cleverness. The track contains a killer Wicked sample, featuring a line from the Broadway musical’s track “Popular.”

The video is dark, but I personally love it. It’s all very Beetlejuice meets Nightmare Before Christmas (Do they have to meet? They’ve met already.) meets, well, bizarro world versions of pop stars MIKA and Ariana Grande. I enjoy when pop music twists with the sadistic side of things. Plus, MIKA has a style all his own, and he delivers consistently refreshing tunes without straying too far from that which his fans want and expect.

What do you think of MIKA’s “Popular Song” featuring Ariana Grande? Did you enjoy the morbid music video?

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