Melissa Etheridge gets engaged following DOMA ruling

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It’s a day of victory for supporters of marriage equality, and same-sex couples are celebrating the Supreme Court’s landmark decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act — by making wedding plans.

Melissa Etheridge, 52, announced plans to marry her longtime partner, producer Linda Wallem, in the wake of DOMA’s defeat.

“I look forward to exercising my American civil liberties,” Etheridge tweeted. “And getting fully, completely and legally married this year to my true love of over three years, Linda Wallem.”

“I love everybody out there. It’s a great day,” said the Oscar-winning musician. “Let’s hear it for the general progress of the human mind. With a beautiful sweep of sweet justice’s blind hand we move forward.” Etheridge continued, “We correct the laws made hastily out of fear.”

Etheridge went on to further discuss the new in a phone interview with CNN.

“It’s about family and I love my four kids,” said the singer. “I woke (the kids) up this morning telling them the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA … I love everybody out there. It’s a great day.”

Via: NY Daily News

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