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Melanie Martinez vs. Caitlin Michelle – Lights – The Voice Battle

Melanie Martinez and Caitlin Michelle sang “Lights” on The Voice Battle Rounds for Team Adam Levine. Watch the video here.

Who won the battle sing-off? Was the steal used? This performance was amazing!

Download: Lights

Melanie Martinez vs Caitlin Michelle  Lights  The Voice Battle

Melanie won the battle! She moves on to the Knockout Round.

Caitlin gets a steal push from Cee Lo and Blake Shelton.

Caitlin chooses Team Cee Lo Green! She moves on to the Knockout Round.

Download: Lights (Melanie)

Download: Lights (Caitlin)

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MM does not sound like Ellie. Yes Ellie has a whispery sound, but also has a strength in her voice to back it up so you can actually hear it. Ellie's note and tone are there. MM has no tone. It's just whispering.  What is she..."the real ghost whisperer?" Give me a break. She was off and couldn't hit the high notes. MC wasn't perfect either, but much better and stronger. You could hear MC has lots more potential. They picked MM, because she looks like she's 13. Come on, she's 17! She only has 1 more yr of high school, and she's off to college.


Phenomenal arrangement and musical version of Ellie Goulding's song,  sung by both of these talented gals.  I love them both.  Melanie sounds a lot like Ellie, and Caitlin's voice reminds me of Evanescence.  She has excellent tone quality and strength to her voice.  She just needs a good vocal coach to help her master the sometimes off key problems she occasionally has.  Melanie needs a little more help as well, but both have great potential.  I hope to see them in the top 5.


following Caitlin audition (which some people call hauting, but i call it HORRIBLE) i was very impressed with her, im glad cee lo stole her.. and about melanie she has a great tone but im not fan of those whispering singers, the song suited het a lot so adam made the right choice.

Theresa Aberham
Theresa Aberham

I wish I could have heard what they heard. Tonight was disappointing all around compared to last night.

hrstump moderator

@Mikhail XO I have to say, Caitlin sounded much better tonight, far less pitch issues. I still would have picked Melanie, but just thought both were good.


@Mikhail XO @LeeXioshin I liked both artists and I feel their attire was deliberate as Ceelo called the other lady the dark one (or something like that) and the other chick had ankle socks, a Sunday school dress, hair bow, and a lisp. Damn, she even skipped onto the stage. Caitlin reminds me of Amy Lee (Evanescence). I feel if she controls her voice, she'll go far. Most people think screaming (American Idol) is what is needed which is why I did not enjoy the Trevin/Amanda battle.