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Melanie Martinez – Too Close – The Voice

Melanie Martinez sang “Too Close” on The Voice Top 8 Live Playoffs. Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here.

To vote for Melanie Martinez: 1-855-VOICE-04

Download: Too Close

This was amazing.



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She was so cool, I am not sure if she knows how great she is. Like I said for Nicholas she walks a fine line between quirky and repulsive very well. 

BTW, just wondering if you watched the banter afterwards...who says her breakup was a guy. And did you notice how uncomfortable she was each time they brought it up?

Susan Griffin
Susan Griffin

love melanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR MELANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


at first i thought oh she is doing better than normal , but near the end it showed how limited her vocal range really is... it was ok,, just not anything exciting....


To me, it was pretty much like what she always does. I can't tell the difference between one song and another. Bores me to death.