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Melanie Amaro vs. Javier Colon vs. Scotty McCreery – The Sing-Off! – Who Wins?

Last night, Simon Cowell tweeted that maybe the winner of The Voice, The X Factor and American Idol can compete in a “super final” — a SuperBowl if you will of the three singing competition shows.

Nigel Lythgoe, the producer of Idol, quickly shot the idea down because his show produces “stars” (as if a competition like that would be beneath the franchise).

Well, sorry Nigel, nothing is going to stop us from doing it anyway. As a warm-up for this season, let’s use the winners of last year’s competitions for the first ever Voice-Idol-Factor-Sing-Off! Melanie Amaro vs. Javier Colon vs. Scotty McCreery? Who is your champion?

Here are videos of their “signature songs” on their respective shows plus a poll in the end. Later, I’m going to expand this to include the finalist from each program (maybe Top 4) so we can have an ultimate-ultimate winner (I think Haley Reinhart is going to win that one knowing you guys). But for now, just the winners – take the poll!

Voice idol factor

Scotty McCreery – “Baby Lock Dem Doors”

Javier Colon – “Time After Time”

Melanie Amaro – “Listen”

I vote for…

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