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Melanie Amaro – Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial – Preview

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of The X Factor winner Melanie Amaro on the set of her Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial! The ad features Elton John and ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin – Melanie’s new single!

LOL at the official trophy for winning The X Factor. Watch the video here:

Via Press Release:


The X Factor Winner Belts Out a Motown Classic in Humorous Spot

Amaro Thrilled to Meet Musical Hero Elton John on the Set

Sir Elton Lauds Young Singer with Hugs and Kisses

January 2011, Los Angeles CA: Though Melanie Amaro was “crowned” the winner of the first American season of “The X Factor” – the 19 year-old chanteuse must please “King” Elton John in a humorous new Pepsi commercial which will air during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, 2012.

In addition to her $5 million dollar recording contract with L.A. Reid’s Epic Records, the British Virgin Islands singer was granted a starring role in her own Pepsi commercial as a reward for her victory on “The X Factor.”

Hugs, Kisses and Mutual Admiration From Sir Elton & Melanie On the Set
In their first encounter on the set, Melanie and Elton hugged and kissed as the rock superstar congratulated her on winning “The X Factor” in the United States. Between takes, Elton expressed his admiration for Amaro’s considerable vocal talents and her “cheeky” personality, noting that she has a bright future as a live performer.

Amaro was equally thrilled to meet one of her musical heroes, and was grateful for the career tips the legendary multi-platinum recording artist afforded her. Amaro thanked Pepsi for giving her this once-in-lifetime opportunity and professed that she was simply going to “be herself” – which is how she emerged victorious on “The X Factor” competition.

Melanie Amaro in King Elton’s Court!
Amaro’s Pepsi commercial, entitled “King’s Court,” takes place sometime during the Middle Ages, and opens with a series of court jesters trying in vain to entertain and amuse the ornately attired King atop his throne, portrayed by Elton John. None of them succeed.

Among the King’s bounty and riches are giant ice chests filled with Pepsi. As the King’s subjects fearfully whisper among themselves – a mysterious hooded woman, Melanie Amaro, approaches the King – who intones in a deep, foreboding voice “and what do you do?” – then commences to cackle hysterically. Amaro removes her hood to reveal her identity and confidently replies “I sing!” and proceeds to belt out a funky rendition of the classic Otis Redding penned Aretha Franklin hit “Respect.”

(“Respect” – is also Amaro’s new single. Viewers who “Shazam” the spot during game will receive a video of the song on their smart phone.)

At the peak of Amaro’s stunning performance, which shatters a stained-glass window, King Elton raises his hand demanding silence. With a wry smile, the King hands her a goblet and proclaims ” all right, a Pepsi for you!” Amaro defiantly responds, “no – Pepsi for all!” and throws the goblet at a trapdoor lever which causes the King to fall into a dungeon, where he lands in a pile of broken musical instruments.

Also, pay attention to towards the end of the spot, when you see it during the telecast on Sunday as to which celebrity makes a surprise appearance.

Melanie Amaro  Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial  Preview

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