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Melanie Amaro – Don’t Fail Me Now – Official Music Video

After the single release a while back, Melanie Amaro‘s video for “Don’t Fail Me Now” has finally debuted. Mel looks stunning and the video is alright, but the song is basic & I am so disappointed in the way they are handling her.

Download: Don’t Fail Me Now

Watch the video here.

I’m confused and mad at how Melanie has no decent single out right now or promo at that. But this dates all the way back to having “Respect” in that commercial and not having her single. Then when she does get a single it is the generic “Don’t Fail Me Now.”

This is a solid video though. However they might want to go back to the drawing board. But you never know, “Don’t Fail Me Now” may jump off after this video and a few performances.

I know the whole plan of the game was to wait until Season 2 to jumpstart her promo, but this is not working.


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