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Matheus Fernandes – The Glee Project

The Glee Project is an up and coming muti-themed reality show that will be on Oxygen. The winner of The Glee Project will be presented with a 7 episode guest staring role on Glee and an opportunity of a life time to potentially kick start their career in the industry.

And now we turn to a local transplant Matheus Fernandes.


Originally from Brazil, Matheus moved to the United States just eight years ago to consult American doctors about his height. At 4’9″, there was always a wonder if there was something medically wrong attributed to his height. As it turns out, there wasn’t; as the doctors said, he is “just short”. Despite not knowing any English, Matheus enrolled in school three days after moving to the States. It did not take long for him master the language within months, and begin to spread his joy and positive attitude around those around him. Music has always helped guide him through life’s difficult challenges, helping him overcome his insecurities, see there is a place for someone like him in the world, and that being “different” is not a bad thing at all.


It wasn’t until recently that he decided to audition for The Glee Project. A few months later, and it was then that he realized that his dream may finally come true when he was selected for the Top 12. “That’s all he ever talked about, becoming knowing and standing for something. That’s it. He is always very persistent in achieving his dreams!” echoed Steven Kleckner, a personal friend of mine, and a good friend of Matheus from when his first moved to the States, “he has a passion and energy for music that has been lost by many.” Steven evidently freaked out as soon as he heard the news, he called up all of his friends and family and screamed excitedly on the phone express excitement and letting everyone know about childhood friend (I witnessed this …and it was indeed something else).

Here are some videos from his Youtube account:

Hey, Soul Sister

Nothing on You

Break Your Heart

While I don’t know Matheus personally, as some of my mutual friends do, it is easy to tell that right off of the bat that he is a shinning personality. In his videos, he has this way of not taking himself too seriously, but in an almost perfect and endearing way. I get the sense that he was the joker around campus, with intent of always wanting to put a smile on other people’s faces and attempt to make everyone around him happy in some kind of way. His voice also showcases lots of natural potential, and with some training, I can see a real force to be reckoned with. Paired with the ultimate goal of The Glee project, he just seems to be a perfect fit. These kids competing for the win must ultimately inspire producers to make a role for them; a character that showcases THEIR story, THEIR personality, THEIR persona, and THEIR talents. What Matheus is all about just seems to be a perfect fit for Glee. Inspiring, talented, and true. I wish him the best! I’m also sure that it helps that you cannot deny a certain aura reminiscent of David Archuleta. If he said he was a sibling, I would believe it. Haha.

What do you think of this young talent? I’m a fan!

‘Like’ him on Facebook. You can also follow him on Twitter. He will truly appreciate any and all support thrown his way.

Also, don’t forget to check out The Glee Project! It is set to air on Oxygen on June 12, 2011 at 9/8c.

For certain retrospective, remember, a Michael Castro auditioned for this and failed.

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