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Marty Brown – Make You Feel My Love – America’s Got Talent 8 – Audition

Marty Brown auditions for America’s Got Talent Season 8 in San Antonio. Marty, a 47 year old carpenter from Maceo, Kentucky, was tricked into coming to the auditions by his wife, Shirley, who seems to be his biggest fan. They’re very sweet! He sang Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love”, which he said is a song he always sings for his wife in the kitchen. The judges were even a little teary-eyed, and Heidi Klum called Shirley out onto the stage to stand with Marty while he got his four resounding yeses. Awwww!

Watch the video here:

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I am so happy that i recorded the show last night. My husband and I have played it over and over. Every time he starts singing, the hairs stand up on my arms, and tears come to my eyes. Some of the most talented people come from Ky, and it makes me proud to be a Kentuckian!! Best wishes Marty!!!! Haven.t met Marty, but I have met his bro Mike, who also plays and sings and is amazing also..Maybe next year we can get Mike on the show!!! Truly a heart warming moment and to his wife i say, Thank You!!