Married to Jonas – Season 2 Episode 1 – Recap – Escape to New York

In the season premiere for Married to Jonas season 2, Mikey drops a surprising bombshell while Kevin and Danielle search for NYC apartments. I missed this show while it was gone! Check out the review for the first episode of Married to Jonas season 2:

Married To Jonas

Sadly, there is a lack of Nick and Joe in here, but there is a little clip for Pom Poms! Jonas fans will have to wait at least another week to see all three of the boys in action together. There is plenty of beautiful NYC here, though. God I love this city.

Danielle seems decidedly anxious regarding some details Nick texted Kevin about their newest music video. It’s clear that she is uncomfortable about the whole thing, especially with the descriptor “trashy girls” filling a casting call. I have to wonder how these girls who actually starred in the music video will look back at this episode and what their reactions might be to hearing “trashy” directly correlated to “ugly.” Ouch, Kevin.

To get her mind off of things, Kevin even takes Danielle out shopping. They are too cute! The apartments are all adorable that they check out, especially the one with a view of the Empire State Building. Can you say rich? The girls take Mikey out with them on their day at the spa, and it seems to him like it’s a first-time visit. Can Mikey get his own spin-off show? I wouldn’t mind watching him get waxed and spray-tanned for half an hour to be honest.


Danielle’s parents are moving in with the couple, at least for the next “couple weeks”. Bucky even hints that they might stay months. Can you say awkward? Over dinner, Mikey also makes an announcement: he’s going to move to California. I’m hoping a revelation in the next couple weeks that he will be joining the Jonas brothers on tour can wipe the depressing taste of this bombshell out of my mouth.

What did you think of the first episode of season 2? I love this show and I can’t wait to see all of the stuff that goes down in future episodes. Maybe they will finally reveal an official release date for their newest album soon? The fans are waiting boys.


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