Mariah Spears and BluPrint Discuss Their Elimination – So You Think You Can Dance 10

Mariah Spears and BluPrint were eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance this week, but they’ve still got a lot to say about their time on the show! The dynamic duo participated in a conference call in which they addressed a wide array of topics, such as their dancing styles, working with multiple partners and criticism that the guest judges this season lack the right qualifications to be offering critiques. Check out the full interview below:

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

On the challenge of tackling a different style outside their comfort zone every week:

Mariah Spears: I mean it’s definitely more difficult just because we’ve never done anything like that before, but it just pushes us to work even harder.

BluPrint: Yes, it is because we’re both completely out of our element in each style. But, yes, it does help. It does push us to want to even make a little like that is our style on the show.

On working with multiple different partners:

BluPrint: It’s actually cool because I get to experience what it is like to work with different people instead of keeping it the same every week. We all bond, like, really quickly. So, I mean, having chemistry wasn’t a problem. We got right to having fun. That was a great experience….

Mariah Spears: Yes, I totally agree. I mean it’s so cool to see and learn, like how different people work and, as BluPrint said, we all bonded so quickly. It’s not hard.

On whether their elimination stings more because it happened on a week in which they were in their element:

Mariah Spears: I mean, yes, it’s hard, like when you think you did so well the week before and then being on the bottom and being eliminated. But, I mean, everyone does amazing every week. So, it’s always so up in the air. You never know.

BluPrint: Basically what she said. Doing our own style is actually kind of more difficult because the judges are looking for you to do so much. They’re expecting more from you, especially when it’s your style. So, doing that … was actually not—it was challenging especially because I … like that, but it was actually fun at the same time.

On whether they felt their routine ended up being the most challenging of the hip-hop routines this week:

BluPrint: In a way it was because of the energy level that we had to have, but it was actually more fun to learn than any hip hop routine that I’ve learned so far.

Mariah Spears: Yes, I mean it was—it was super-fast and super high energy, but it made it that much more exciting, I feel like.

On what it means to Mariah to be able to represent female hip-hop dancers on the show:

Mariah Spears: I mean it feels so amazing to be able to say that I can represent something that hasn’t really been on the show. I mean, it has before, but not in a long time and not very much. So, to be able to like be one of those girls, one of the three, I believe, girls that have been able to do that, it’s so cool and such like a unique thing that I have that I was so blessed to be able to portray on the show.

On whether learning different styles has affected BluPrint’s approach to his own style of dance:

BluPrint: Yes, it affected it in a good way because I’m like a little bit more versatile now and I have been practicing my own style as well like every day too. So, it actually helps me to be more open and just do more things with my original stuff.

On the guest judges this season, and the response to criticism that the guest judges are unqualified to critique dance:

BluPrint: I actually liked some of the guest judges because they actually did give good critiques even though some of them don’t really have dancing experience. But, they actually gave like good critiques. They didn’t say anything out of the water or anything. I actually took what Carly Rae said and went with it. But, yes, I really liked the guest judges especially because I mean they bring … to the show and everybody loves them and all that.

Mariah Spears: Yes, I mean and I fully agree with Blu. They do judge very well. I mean they all are a part of the entertainment industry, which is what dance is a part of. It’s not always about the technique or anything. I mean they do have judges that can comment on that and I’m sure just watching dance, you can—you may not know everything about it, but you can see that stuff.

But, it’s more about the whole entertainment value I feel like and that’s what those guest judges bring. They bring something different, something a little—a different perspective on something you see every week.

On whether the combined performance/results shows increase the pressure of performing:

Mariah Spears: Definitely. It is really hard without a results show to separate your performance from the whole stress of, “Okay, well, I might go home after this performance.” But at the same time, it pushes you to leave everything you have out there because you know—again, you know this could be your last time performing.

BluPrint: Yes, exactly what Mariah said. We all know that it might be our last performance. So, it actually pushes us harder to try to make the judges change their mind if they do have a decision to send one of us home. Just makes us work harder.

On whether Mariah would have changed anything about her performance this week:

Mariah Spears: I mean, I think that we did everything we could with that dance routine. It was a great routine and it was really just…. I think that we did—I mean, we definitely left all we could on that stage and I could have never wished for anything more. Definitely, it comes down to all of these dancers, the whole top 20 were absolutely incredible dancers. It just comes down to one person has to go home a week and Makenzie is flawless.

On BluPrint’s perceived “lack of emotion” in his performances, and whether it’s something he intended to work on:

BluPrint: Yes, I was really working on that, especially last week. Like after the judges said what they said, I really went home and worked on it — like, to the max. I am kind of upset that I didn’t get a chance to show that part, but I did definitely work on it. It’s going to help me in the future for my future performances too. So, I took that in. I actually thank the judges for saying all that because now I know what I’m missing in my performance.

On how hard it is to see fellow contestants go home over the course of the competition:

Mariah Spears: I am a crier, but it is so hard. We’re such a close family. We became so close. I mean I signed all of them my best friends. So, it’s so hard to watch people go home and then to go home yourself because not only like just the end of the road for the competition. It’s not even that. It’s just that we’re going to miss each other so much.

BluPrint: Yes, everybody here, we basically grew into one big family. So, to see like everybody leave and to leave yourself is very hard. But, they give you the … aspiration and we all keep in touch, which is a good thing.

On which guy and girl they think will win it all:

Mariah Spears: I don’t think we can choose! I mean at least for me, everyone is so, so good at not only what they do, but I mean you’ve seen everyone grow and do things that none of us expected we could do. So, there is no way at least I can pick a guy and a girl because everyone is so great.

BluPrint: Yes, same here. Everyone is really great. So, I can’t really even wrap my mind around who is going to win right now.

On when krumping became a passion for Mariah:

Mariah Spears: I mean, I’ve always been interested in, like, being really diverse and trying to do like things people wouldn’t expect. And so, I started doing hip hop when I was like eight, but I just got like—my teacher, Chris Thomas, came to my studio and started teaching and he’s a krumper. I just like got taken under his wing and just started like absolutely loving it and loving like everything he taught, if it was krump, if it was just regular choreography. I guess I just like took it and ran with it because it was so cool, so different.

On Nigel’s critique that BluPrint needed more personality because he’s “not a great dancer yet”:

BluPrint: Well, I mean it didn’t really take offense with me because I just sort of brushed it off and like ignored that part of the comment. But, the personality part, I mean I knew I was lacking in that area and I really didn’t get a chance to show them that part because what happened yesterday; I got eliminated. But, I mean I’m glad he gave me that critique though because I know what I need to work on.

On how many times they each auditioned before making it on the show:

BluPrint: This was my first time auditioning and originally, I wasn’t going to audition. Some friends kind of pushed me into it because … because they all wanted to audition and I just wanted to go for the ride, but it was like, “Well, since you’re here, you might as well audition.” So, I went ahead and did it and made it here.

Mariah Spears: I had watched since the first season and have known people who have gone through it. Ever since I saw the first season, I was like it’s my dream to like be on the show. And so, I auditioned … also and got cut the Vegas week and then auditioned again this year and I made it.

On what’s next:

BluPrint: Well, I’m just going to go back to my crew and travel with my crew to shows and … YouTube videos and I’m also going to take choreo classes because the show has really helped me fall in love with choreo stuff. So, I’m going to take more classes on that so I can get fluent in that area and just keep doing my thing.

Mariah Spears: Yes and I’m going to go back to school for dance and just keep training and try to become more the trained technical dancer and then start auditioning and see how it goes from there.

On whether they’d come back as All Stars if asked:

BluPrint: Yes, I would definitely be interested because everyone there—like when we were new, we didn’t know what to expect. So, we were like kind of just going with the flow, but then an All Star came in and showed us what to do like during rehearsals and how to do things. I just want to be that person to help the next group, the next top 20, help them get what they need and show them what to expect and all of that. Basically, just help everybody out.

Mariah Spears: Yes. It would be so amazing, such a dream to come back as an All Star because like So You Think You Can Dance is just such a family and I’d love to be able to stay a part of that family.

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