Mariah Carey feat. Miguel – #Beautiful – MP3 Listen

Mariah Carey feat. Miguel - #Beautiful - MP3 Listen
Is Mariah Carey back from that mess which was “Triumphant?” Armed with R&B crooner, Miguel, MC is ready to hit the charts with “#Beautiful.”

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This is good – very retro. However, it should have been longer (with more Mariah parts). It’s also not too similar to past Mariah ballads – it’s different and is reminiscent a lot of Miguel’s latest album Kalediscope Dream. With that said I just kind of feel like this should have been a Mariah-only effort since Miguel seems more apparent than her in the song. But if the collaboration route boosts the buzz more than it’s definitely fine. It’s not one of my favorite songs for her but it will probably be a grower. Plus, that’s still not denying the fact that it’s good.

The video will premiere this Wednesday on American Idol and will be performed live on the season finale.

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