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Mariah Carey arrives to Idol auditions with police escort – Photo

Really? Mariah Carey arrived to American Idol auditions today in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a police escort. Carey said that Nicki Minaj threatened her, but Minaj has vehemently denied those claims.

Reportedly, Minaj was “blindsided” by Mariah talking to Barbara Walters, as they had just met with Idol heads about not talking to the media after the video leaked. Rumor is that Carey is not upset at what happened – but the leak.

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According to the source, tensions were building since the beginning “because Nicki felt as if Mariah was trying to relegate her, and it culminated/exploded in the scene that was leaked.” (A clip from auditions in Charlotte shows Minaj threatening to “knock [Mariah] out” and saying, “If you’ve got a  f–king problem, handle it!”)

After the video was leaked, Idol had a meeting (with both Nicki and Mariah present) where a source said “they agreed to move forward in a positive light and not speak about the incident to the press.”

So when Mariah told Barbara Walters Nicki said she would shoot her if she had a gun, Nicki “felt blindsided,” says a source. “Hence why Nicki went to Twitter to express her shock. She feels Mariah is trying to get sympathy by saying she threatened to shoot her, and that the incident never happened.”

Source: E!

Mariah Carey isn’t upset that things got heated between Nicki Minaj and her on the set of “American Idol,” but she is upset that a tape of the incident was leaked to the media.

“Mariah has been in the business for a long time and has seen it all but never has she had anything leaked from a closed set,” a friend of Carey said. “The fact that the producers are not searching to find out how this footage and audio got leaked tells you who was behind it.”

“The producers know that the show needs PR to make it must-see TV again and this won’t be the first or the last leak,” one “Idol” expert tells me. “You don’t think every ‘Idol’ scandal in the past 12 years didn’t come from within their walls? Corey Clark, Scott Savol’s arrest records, even Philip Phillips’ kidney issues. I guarantee all that stuff was leaked on purpose for publicity.”

“Mariah is a perfectionist and is used to being in control of her image,” a TV producer who has worked with the singer tells me. “I’m sure she is shocked and disappointed that this happened, but it won’t stop her doing her job.”

Source: The Huffington Post 

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Guys, I thanked Trey for posting the news is because i am a huge fan of Mariah and is the only place that i can find all the latest news about this Mimi / Nicky feud. Not even MariahJournal or MariahArchives website. I don't know all the things Trey did to Rickey's fans until SammyIAM told me just now. Anyway, I don't visit everyday and i don't read every news posted or comments written. I am only here to read the latest news that i am only interested especially the Mimi vs Nicky feud. Thanks for being understanding here. Thanks SammyIAM & Mathieu RM : )

p/s:  I still hope that Trey will continue to post the news about the Mimi / Nicki feud.

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Maybe I would care about this alleged, probably-fabricated Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey feud if I gave a shit about their shitty music. Or AI anymore. #IdolFree2013

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Thanks Trey for posting the news.

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I've been with Rickey since Season 5 AI. Trey has been abrasive and rude to Rickey's blog fans since he started. If people aren't appreciating his blog entries, it's his fault. I can't support someone who celbrates beating women and turns a blind eye. I can't support someone like him who insults and intimidates Rickey's blog fans and gets away with it. I stopped coming to Rickey's when he lied and posted as different IDs to push his anti women and anti gay agenda. I'm sorry fayefaye, I thought you knew.   


@SammyIAM oh, i didn't know all this. thanks for letting me know now.

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@SammyIAM  fayefaye thanked Trey for making this post when people started complaining about him making an AI related post on this blog and wasting space. Does that mean fayefaye is supporting Trey's personal beliefs?

Once AI goes live, Rickey and certain others who don't care about AI anymore, will take time to provide live-stream commentary on the show. And we will watch the live-stream because we think they are funny, or we won't because we think they are not. Not because we share their beliefs.

It occurs to me that I'm being a bit ridiculous by defending a blogger who posted an entertainment related article on So I will stop. Entertainment blogs are not exactly a novelty after all. And clicking on a link is not mandatory.

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Mathieu R SammyIAM Matthieu with your total of four posts and signing up for a livedyre account mere weeks ago? This must add to your credibility then? Lol, that's funny! Someone check and see if Marhieu is Trey's new invisible drowns please? You are pathetic, whoever you are, new person on Rickey's.

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Enough of this crap. I don't care anymore.

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Hohum. Nobody cares anymore. Let them cat fight it out in a dark ally.

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@Mikhail XO Oh okay. Have fun. 

Mathieu R
Mathieu R

@Trey_ @Mikhail XO 

Thank you for the post Trey. Carey fans, Minaj fans, Urban fans and fans of AI (part of the blog's core audience?) probably appreciate the update. And now, back to today's more exciting news...