Marcus Canty – This…Is Marcus Canty – EP Review

1) In & Out – The EP’s first single was definitely a grower. I didn’t think it was bad at first but I thought it definitely highlighted annoying aspects of Canty’s voice. But it is a very solid, solid song and I see why it was the first single. The beat was insane and the Wale feature definitely added substance. (3.5/5)

2) Don’t Pass Me By – No, Canty did not cover the classic gospel hymn. What he does deliver is your typical R&B fare and sounds like a pre-Exclusive Chris Brown. By no means offensive, particularly the parts when he goes into falsetto. I’m just wondering why this song isn’t by Mindless Behavior. (3/5)

3) Used By You – I wouldn’t call this song a grower because I think that it is good in it succeeds in what it set out to do, its just not my cup of tea. But Canty did a good job overall – I prefer the verse to the choruses. He did just enough not to come off too much as Usher. (3/5)

4) Tonight -First it was Mindless Behavior, Usher, now Marcus slips into the Trey Songz shoe. Of course its not lyrically like Songz, but the production is very reminiscent of Mr. Songz. With that sad, I like how this song is an midtempo ballad, and it’s really decent. The rock is really good and it kind of even sounds like it could have been a modern urban Christmas song if the lyrics were switched up. (4/5)

5) Three Words – Even for an EP, this should have been left on the studio floor. Like I said before its not that the songs are offensive, I just don’t think he needed this. It’s not too terrible though. (2/5)

6) Not Looking – Sometimes it works (i.e. Trey Songz’ Simply Amazing, Chris Brown’s With You) but I really get annoyed when R&B singers try to integrate a little pop rock guitar. But Canty does it well…even more than the previous. Good job. (4/5)

7) Stay In Love – The beginning sounds like one of those recent Kelly Rowland & Future jams that have been released. Unlike his previous slow burners on the album, this one actually catches my ear and could be a single. His voice annoys me the most in this song, but everything else works and cancels that out. Album ends on a very good note. (4.5/5)

I actually enjoyed this EP way more than I thought. Its not a secret that I was definitely not a fan of Canty on The X Factor, but I really hope at some point he cant break the market because he isn’t any less worse than any other R&B singers out there trying. There is definitely room for improvement on his album as there are standouts as well. This is a very, very good start though.


Marcus Canty - This is…Marcus Canty - EP Review

Overall Rating – (3.5/5)

Key Tracks – Stay In Love, In & Out, Not Looking, Tonight

Download: This Is…Marcus Canty (iTunes) 


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