Malcolm Freberg of Survivor to make soap opera debut on ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’

Malcolm Freberg of Survivor: Philippines and Survivor: Caramoan will make his soap opera debut on The Bold and The Beautiful this February.

From WENN:

SURVIVOR finalist MALCOLM FREBERG has been tapped to guest star on CBS soap opera THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

The fan favorite fourth runner-up from the past season of Survivor: Philippines will be showing off his acting skills when he appears on the 13 February (13) episode of the long-running drama.

Freberg, a former bartender from Hermosa Beach, California, was apprehensive about his scripted TV debut, telling TV Guide that he was worried the cast wouldn’t be too keen on working with a reality TV star.

He explains, “I was really nervous showing up at B&B – and not just because my only other acting experience was playing Ben Franklin back in fifth grade. I thought the cast was going to hate me because they’re a bunch of pros and this looks like a publicity stunt. But everyone was warm and wonderful. They made it really easy for me.”

Incidentally, Freberg’s soap debut comes the same day as the Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites premiere – in which Freberg was given a second chance to claim the $1 million prize.

But even though he’s gone through the treacherous island life twice in one year, he insists he prefers the Hollywood actor’s lifestyle.
He explains, “I’ll take acting anytime. I got to do B&B wearing actual clothes. The studio is climate controlled. They fed me. It’s so much nicer than Survivor!” (TD/TVG/PAW)

Malcolm Freberg of Survivor to make soap opera debut

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