‘Mad Men’ Season 6 poster stirs speculation

We’re under a month away from the premiere of “Mad Men” Season 6 on April 7, and AMC has released a new teaser poster for the two-hour premiere that only serves to heighten speculation about where the hit series could be headed.

The poster, from veteran illustrator Brian Sanders, features two Don Drapers both headed in different directions, perhaps illustrating the ambiguous nature of last season’s finale, where the viewer is presented with the possibility of straight-and-narrow, newlywed Don returning to his adulterous ways.

Star Jon Hamm has hinted in promos for the new season that there is a clear dichotomy to the stories and characters of season six: “There are definitely two sides to life. The part of life that is public and the part that is private,” Hamm says. “We’re trying to sort of pull back the curtain.”

Of course, Don has always had two facets to his life. Born Dick Whitman, he had to forge an entirely new identity, taking on the name of his late Lieutenant in the aftermath of the Korean War. He’s been fighting against that dichotomy ever since, and season six looks primed to explore that contrast.

So let the speculation begin. Whose hand is Don holding? And what’s with the background scenery? Between the police and the “Stop” and “One Way” signs, the poster seems to hint at a larger tapestry to season six. As Mad Men is one of TV’s most literary shows, it wouldn’t surprise me if the poster signified a lot more than it would initially appear:

Credit: AMC

Credit: AMC

Via: Zap2It

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