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Earlier in the week, I visited the set of Lullaby, the new movie starring Amy Adams, Garrett Hedlund, and Jennifer Hudson. While Amy had wrapped filming, I was able to see both Garrett and Jennifer on set, and I got a fantastic picture with Garrett.

I saw Jennifer Hudson when I first got to set. She was really nice and was going to stop to talk to me, but her bodyguard wasn’t very friendly, and kind of rushed her away. She waved to us when she left though, which was nice. She was so beautiful in person, and so skinny! Here’s a picture of her filming on set (I didn’t take this one).

Amy Adams wasn’t there that day, as she had already wrapped her role in the film. Here’s a great pic from when they were filming the movie in Gramercy Park.

We watched Garrett film the same scene about 6 times, with his blowing a kiss to the camera and getting into a car, which repeatedly pulled into traffic and then looped around so they could get the crane shots right. After awhile, a guy we’d been talking to who was part of the film crew just walked right up to Garrett and told him we had been waiting for him all this time. Garrett seemed really happy that fans were waiting for him, and he started talking to me and my friend Rachel from his chair. He was saying “Now you know what goes into making a movie, right” and we were talking about the weather too. He had a huge smile on his face the whole time! Then I had Rachel ask if he could take some pictures, so he got up out of the chair, in full costume and everything, and took some pictures with us. The best part was that he shook our hands and we introduced ourselves when he walked up. That’s a first… I asked him about Tron 3, which he said he was definitely still doing but they were looking for the right script. Then I told him Tron: Legacy was one of my favorite films, and wished him good luck with filming. He was so friendly! My mom even told him he was barely recognizable under the makeup & hair, which seemed to surprise him. He was such a genuine nice person, not even a touch of an ego. I’m buying all of his movies like… right now!

For the curious, here’s a rough plot summary of Lullaby:

From first-time director Andrew Levitas, Lullaby is about a son (played by Garrett Hedlund) who receives word of his father’s decision to take himself off of life support in less than 48 hours.

Check out the movie Lullaby, which heads to theaters sometime next year, and for anyone who was wondering about it, the movie is filming till the end of July in NYC.

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