Little Mix sign US record deal

Last year’s The X Factor UK winners, Little Mix have signed a deal with a record company in the States! They also know what they want to release as their first single. Let’s just say there is good news & bad news. Who will be the breakout girl group of 2013?

Get all the details:

Good news: The pop quartet have signed to Columbia Records, which houses Adele, Beyonce, and One Direction.

Bad news: The bad news – they plan to release “Wings” as their first single over here. Well it’s not a bad song & rocked the charts across the pond. I just think that “D.N.A.” would have performed so much better.

The question: Which girl group will be the breakout act of 2013: Little Mix? The Saturdays? Fifth Harmony?


Source: Digital Spy 


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i also like dna better than wings, but i do think wings is a better target to the US market. i think they're awesome and so is their album. however, i've been a fan of the saturdays for a while and i hope they become the breakout act of 2013!

Rickey moderator

anything can happen... Anything Can Happen... ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!


wings is number 9 on Itunes music videos right now!


wings is way better than DNA! DNA is a better video but Wings is a better song!!!


Wings already has dominated in the Music Video Charts on Itunes in the US here. They will take it now to the radio for Global domination. They are the next Spice Girls. I love 5th Harmony, but the timing is going to be an attempted copy of Little Mix, once their music gets released. Sadly but true.