Lisa Whelchel to co-host Jeff Probst daytime show

Lisa Whelchel is making a bit of a comeback in showbiz after he stint on Survivor: Philippines. She is now going to co-host Jeff Probst’s daytime show. It’s a trial period for now, but I’m sure she’ll fit in nicely.

From reality blurred:

Although Survivor Philippines is over, Lisa Whelchel and Jeff Probst will still be on screen together, as she is joining him as co-host of his syndicated, struggling daytime talk show. Her first episodes will air in January, and are apparently functioning as a test to see if she’ll stay on permanently.

The Christian Post reports that “Whelchel will return to the small screen and co-host ‘The Jeff Probst Show.’ She developed a friendship with the man who also hosts “Survivor” and is excited to be on-air again.”

Lisa told EW that she’s co-hosting “for the next couple of weeks. … We’re going to try out a little cohosting and see how that works so I’m gong to try a handful of shows with him this week that will air in January. We really did have some good back and forth at Tribal Council. It felt right, and it was fun and easy and hopefully we can bring that to his talk show too.”

Lisa Whelchel to co host Jeff Probst daytime show

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