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Lillie McCloud is Nicole McCloud – The X Factor USA 2013 – Video

The X Factor contestant Lillie McCloud is actually Nicole McCloud. She has recorded four albums and had a hit single in 1994 on the US Dance Charts.

Lillie McCloud is Nicole McCloud - The X Factor USA 2013 - Video

Lillie McCloud is Nicole McCloud – The X Factor USA 2013 – Video

She lived in Slovakia for a few years and sang the theme song for the “Got Talent” show in 2010: “?esko Slovensko má talent.”

Lillie McCloud sang “Alabaster Box” during her audition on The X Factor Season 3.

So does this matter? Maybe. To some people.

LeRoy Bell who was on The X Factor Season 1 had also recorded numerous albums before he appeared on the show. He’s a seasoned musician and the rule for these talent shows is: for as long as you are not currently signed, you can audition. Nigel Lythgoe himself from American Idol has explained that rule numerous times in defense of contestants like Lillie McCloud.

What do people expect? Some of these contestants who audition for these talent shows are actual working musicians. A lot of The Voice contestants have made indie albums before. A lot of the America’s Got Talent contestants have worked in the industry before appearing on the show.

There is big benefit from having people like this on a talent show: You actually get good singing. This is why The Voice has been successful.

Apparently, those up in arms over Lillie McCloud aka Nicole McCloud still don’t get it. Their loss.

I for one will enjoy the singing. Lillie McCloud was fantastic. And it’s actually a blessing for all of us that she is being introduced to a new generation of fans.

Incidentally, Carlito Olivero who was the first audition on The X Factor Season 3 was a member of Menudo formed from the Making Menudo reality show from MTV.

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