Lightwire Theater – America’s Got Talent – Video

Lightwire Theater perform on the America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals.

Here we go again with the neon-light acts on AGT. Will this type of act finally win?

“That’s a million dollar act,” said Howard Stern.

Watch the video here:

Lightwire Theater  America s Got Talent  Video

Watch Lightwire’s audition

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Bagundas Salomisi
Bagundas Salomisi

Very good act. It's likely even more impressive in person. But they're going to have split the prize many ways if they win. And don't forget, the prize isn't in a lump sum, it's spread over something like 40 years. If you want a lump sum, you only get around a third of the stated prize. And THEN they'd have to pay taxes on it. So they'd walk away with very little. I sorta prefer that a solo act or smaller group wins.