Lewis Hamilton wins 2011 German Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton wins 2011 German Grand Prix

What a great race!

Lewis Hamilton won the 2011 German Grand Prix today. I am so happy!

Lewis won every battle he faced on the race track. Awesome stuff.

Congratulations Lewis! Woohoo!

From Formula 1:

Q: Lewis, your second win of the season and I get the feeling that meant a little bit more than your first win of the season.
Lewis Hamilton: Yeah, I think so. I think every win is special but I think the emotion and all the energy the team put into the car and the effort they have put in… when we don’t see results like this it slowly builds up, so when you finally hit the sweet-spot and get it, I think it is just ever better. It just couldn’t feel any better. I think we never expected to come here this weekend and be so fast. We were hindered in the last race a little bit, but the guys did a fantastic job, really pushing very hard. Even the guys back at Brixworth HPE are pushing very hard and the engine was great. I just feel great. I think one of the best races I think I have ever done.

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