Lee DeWyze signs with Vanguard Records

Lee DeWyze has been signed by Vanguard Records. He made the announcement via video yesterday.

Congratulations! See??? American Idol makes stars! STARS!!!

Lee DeWyze signs with Vanguard Records

From WENN:

Former AMERICAN IDOL winner LEE DEWYZE has signed a new deal with Vanguard Records.

The 26 year old was dropped from RCA Records in 2011, just a year after he was crowned the season nine champion of the singing competition, but in a video the singer released on Tuesday (15Jan13), he announced he is now with a new label, and plans on releasing his second album in the coming months.

He said, “I feel blessed and honored to be on a label like Vanguard. I don’t think I could have asked for anything better. This is a huge step and a huge leap forward in what’s going to happen. I can’t wait for you all to be there with me. You are all going to be pleasantly surprised when you hear this album.”

Vanguard Records is also home to other notable artists including Chris Isaak, Matt Nathanson and the Indigo Girls. (TD/AWS/KL)

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Awesome seeing an artist who was almost "pushed aside" by AI, get this chance! Hes been working so hard(his twitter and recent UNSIGNED-WILLINGLY-FOR THE FANS ALONE tour) shows all of the new and exciting things hes doing! Cant wait to see how this will further an already incredible career! Proud to say I've continuously supported him over the years![ups AND downs]

waynocoaster moderator 1 Like

Way to go Lee, you deserve the extended opportunity.  Now run with it.  

cindy5028 1 Like

I'm so happy for Lee! Not only has he got "that voice"; but he is so sweet to his fans. Vanguard just got one extremely talented artist. I have his other albums and can't wait to get the new one.  The new music that he has been sharing recently is wonderful! It's great to see good things happening to good people :)