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Lazaro Arbos – (They Long To Be) Close To You – American Idol 12 Top 6

Lazaro Arbos sang “(They Long To Be) Close To You” on American Idol 12 Top 6.


Rickey Rating

I love this song! Please save Lazaro Arbos! Our American Idol!

He’s the Spanish Redneck! OMG! Perfect combination! I love his outfit!!!

Judge Comments
Keith Urban “You have millions of fans.”
Nicki Minaj (No comment)
Randy Jackson
Mariah Carey “You are beyond courageous.”

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Lazaro Arbos – (They Long To Be) Close To You – Video

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Martha Ponce Garcia - You are delusional!!


Not good at all.....sadness I feel for him yet, time to exit Laz.


It was totally vicious of Idol to put him through in the first place.  Didn't they have any human consideration for the guy?  It was pretty easy to see that he would fall flat on his face and would be assaulted online.  They could have given him a year to actually train if they wanted him both on the show but not as the butt of jokes.   He needs vocal lessons from an opera coach because he's has breath issues and he needs to listen a wide variety of music.  And to do this show he needs to prep for the genres.  

They didn't care.  They knew they had a variation of the Sanjaya situation and they grabbed it and lied to him about how good he was.  


"A Spanish redneck?" What the heck?!? Rickey, you are a hot mess! Haha. ;) 

In other news, Lazaro was absolutely atrocious. 


Lazaro is not even top 20 worthy. Problem is, judges have not been giving him honest critique. Tonight was the first they said it as is. And to think he will be on tour. He should go home already...but Vote for the Worst might crown him IDOL. LOLL


This blog is as much of a joke as this contestant.... #sorrynotsorry


That was easily one of (if not the worst) performance of all seasons ... Awful!