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Lazaro Arbos – Bridge Over Troubled Water – American Idol 12 – Preview

Lazaro Arbos auditioned with “Bridge Over Troubled Water” on American Idol 12. Here’s a preview of his touching audition. I think I’m going to cry when the show premieres on January 16!

Lazaro started stuttering at 6 years old, but he never stutters when he sings. His family came to the United States in 2001 through a visa lottery from Cuba.

I love American Idol! We’re still #1!

Watch the video here:

Lazaro Arbos  Bridge Over Troubled Water  American Idol 12  Preview

Via St. Petersburg Times

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basing it on the promo i was expecting a huge vocalist ... hes just okay. 


Awww....he is kind of cute.  :)

Klope62 moderator

Let us not forget a certain Timothy Poe. He sucked at singing so he didn't get me much ...but this guy right here.

Klope62 moderator

Repost because you know his name? Lol ...if he's faking, I'm might go to jail. Because I'm going to bawl like none ever before. I already know.

Rickey moderator

@Klope62 He's not faking. Read the St. Peterburg Times article and watch his "Imagine" performance. And yes, I know his name. Hope if holds on Google until the premiere! :)