Lionsgate Sued Because ‘Twilight’ Movies Are Racist, Perverted

Lawsuit Claims Twilight Racist Perverted

Credit: Lionsgate

Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are being sued by the creators of the Twilight parody TwiHarder for being full of racism and perversion.

Oh, we’re sorry crazy lawsuit, did you think movies about teenaged werewolf on vampire baby love would be wholesome viewing material?

In a complaint filed by Between the Lines Productions, they claim that the films perpetuate racial-stereotypes against Native Americans. That they’re werewolves? That they want to be in relationships with babies? Or more specifically that Jacob Black is a painted as a “‘noble savage,’ ‘bloodthirsty warrior’ and ‘sexual predator.’”

It goes on to say that the franchise also places a “heavy emphasis” on “socio-political hierarchy and economic power based on the color of skin rather than the contents of his or her character or accomplishments.”

Also did we mention werewolves?

As for the perversion part, said suit claims the films focus on the sexual relationship between a teenaged girl and a man “nearly 100 years her senior.” And if vampires are undead, they should probably throw in claims of necrophilia too.

Of course this hilarious lawsuit is most likely just in retaliation for a cease-and-desist letter Lionsgate sent the filmmakers for their parody.

In response, Between the Lines sued Lionsgate and Summit for $500 million for “sabotaging” their film. A suit which was dismissed voluntarily the same day this lawsuit was filed.

Coincidence? TwiHardly.

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