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LA TV station’s catastrophic New Year’s Eve broadcast – VIDEO

Proving that maybe there’s a reason why Jamie Kennedy, Macy Gray, and Bone Thugs N Harmony haven’t been very visible in the past several years, local LA TV station KDOC aired a New Year’s Eve broadcast in which everything that could possibly have gone wrong did: abrupt cuts to commercial, truncated video footage, hosts who never knew if/when the show was live, microphones that picked up EVERYTHING. You can judge the mess for yourself below. Is Macy Gray drunk or high? Did Bone Thugs realize they were dropping F-bombs on live TV and just stop caring? Is Jamie Kennedy really that hard-up for sex? Actually, don’t answer that one.

Check out the six-minute highlights compilation of this trainwreck spectacle below:

The YouTube user responsible for the video has stated he will post the show, in its entirety, at the polite request of comedian Patton Oswalt. Good luck if you can make it through the entire thing.

Full story: Huffington Post

Credit: KDOC

Credit: KDOC

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