2014 Doesn’t Want Kris Jenner’s Talk Show, 2015 Makes No Promises

Kris Jenners Talk Show Not on Schedule

Credit: FOX

Good news everyone, Kris Jenner‘s talk show won’t appear on FOX in 2014. Bad news everyone, FOX says that doesn’t mean it won’t return to ruin 2015.

In a statement released by the television network, it told viewers, “Kris will not be on the schedule for the 2014 syndication season.”

And then when everyone whipped out their noisemakers and started cheering they added, “However, the possibility for the talk show, or an additional project for Kris Jenner, for the 2015 season is being discussed and highly considered.”


Meaning, that if nothing better comes along by 2015 or she somehow becomes super relevant they won’t be opposed to trotting her out.

Basically, FOX is having their cake and eating it too.

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