Kimye Voted Worst Celebrity Neighbors, Jimmy Fallon the Best

Kimye Worst Neighbors Jimmy Fallon Best

Credit: Wire Image / NBC

When asked which celebrities they would hypothetically like to live next to, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were voted the least desirable neighbors and Jimmy Fallon the most desirable.

The poll was conducted by the site Zillow, who determined that 25% of people would not like to live next door to Kimye.

In fact, people who answered the poll would rather live next to the cast of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (18% least desirable), Justin Bieber (16%) or Miley Cyrus (16%) than have to deal with the media-prone couple.

As for celebs people wouldn’t mind living next to, Jimmy Fallon won the top spot with 11% of the vote, followed shortly by Miranda Lambert and hubby Blake Shelton (10%) and Jennifer Lawrence (10%).

Although the real winner is no celebrity, as 34% of participants voted they wouldn’t like to live next door to any celebrity, popular or otherwise.

Sorry celebrities, no one wants to borrow sugar from you!

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