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Khristianne Uy wins ‘The Taste’ Season 1

Khristianne Uy won The Taste last night. Khristianne is Filipino-Portuguese and was a personal chef of Charlie Sheen! Her three spoons combined “earth, sky and water” to reflect her heritage.


From WENN:

Khristianne Uy crowned inaugural champion of The Taste

KHRISTIANNE UY was named the inaugural winner of THE TASTE on Tuesday’s (12Mar13) season finale.

After eight weeks of delectable spoons and unpredictable blind taste tests, the 30-year-old private chef from Los Angeles was crowned the winner of the cooking show’s first season.

The finale started off with the final four contestants, Sarah Schiear and Gregg Drusinsky on Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s team, Khristianne Uy on Chef Brian Malarkey’s team, and Diane DiMeo on Anthony Bourdain’s team. The hopefuls were given the challenge of creating a three-course tapas plate specifically to the liking of acclaimed Spanish chef Jose Andres.

Andres deemed Drusinsky’s spoons as the ones he liked the least, and he was subsequently eliminated from the competition, leaving Lefebvre with only one contestant in the final.

Drusinsky was an early frontrunner, as the culinary instructor helped lead his team to three wins throughout the competition, but lost steam in the final challenge that mattered the most.

With an all-female final three, Schiear, Uy and DiMeo were faced with the creating a three-course plate for the panel of experts.

During the blind taste test, all four judges praised each of the plates, which were delicious and distinct in their own ways.

Coming in third place was food blogger Schiear, who was the only home cook out of the final four. Just missing the title was New York City-based chef consultant DiMeo.

Her coach Malarkey lauded his winning contestant, and exclaimed, “The bottom line is that she dominated the entire competition. She was always on the top – bar none the best in the competition. I’m just really really proud of her, and everything she’s done.”

As the champion, Uy received a $100,000 cash prize, in addition to a brand new 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid car and The Taste Trophy. (TD/WNV/CL)

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