Kelly Clarkson says she’s having a baby girl

Kelly Clarkson announced on Twitter Tuesday that was she was pregnant.

Parade Magazine gives out more details of Kelly’s pregnancy plans in their issue this weekend:

“My eggs aren’t getting any younger so we’ve already started trying. I’m totally gonna have a girl. I’m manifesting it! And when I have a girl, you’re gonna be like, ‘That chick knew it!'”

On what kind of parent Kelly things she will be she said:

“I’m gonna rock at being a mom! I’m almost looking at it like making a record, like, ‘I’m going to nail this!’ My mom was a single mom for a bit of my life, and even when she got remarried she was such a hard worker. You know, we were very poor and she didn’t have a lot. People say money doesn’t solve everything but it solves a whole lot, so it’s nice to have the financial stability to be there [for my child], whether I’m able to fly home after shows or take her with me. See how I’m calling her ‘her’? I’m putting it out there!”

Kelly is so going to be an awesome mom. And I hope she gets her wish of a baby girl.

No details yet on when she is due.

Kelly Clarkson says she's having a baby girl

Kelly Clarkson says she’s having a baby girl

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