Kellie Pickler Announces New Album, ‘The Woman I Am’

Kellie Pickler Announces New Album, 'The Woman I Am'

Kellie Pickler has finally announced her long-awaited fourth album, The Woman I Am.

The record will hit stores on November 12, and includes singles ‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’ and ‘Little Bit Gypsy’, channeling some of the more traditional sounds she had on her last album, ‘100 Proof’, but saying it’s “not the same album”.

The title track was written by Kellie and her husband Kyle Jacobs, and other tracks set to be on the record include the title track (another Pickler-Jacobs co-write with Liz Rose), ‘Ain’t No Cure For Crazy’, ‘Selma Drye’ (inspired by her great-grandmother) and ‘I Forgive You’ (a song she originally wrote for her first album, but she wasn’t ready to record).

Produced by Frank Liddell and Luke Wooten, the record will contain 12 tracks, and range from more traditional numbers, to rockier sounds and more.

I’m incredibly excited for this, as I love Kellie and ‘100 Proof’ tanking after lack of label promotion and poor standards at country radio was a real shame. I really hope she has more commercial success with this album, now she’s signed to Black River Entertainment.

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