Ke$ha – C’mon – Official Video

Ke$ha unleashes the video for her second single “C’mon,” which succeeds the chart-topper, “Die Young.”

Is Ms. Sebert’s new video glitter and glam or subdued and demure?

Find out:

To be honest, I think C’mon is genetic pop fodder. But from a creative and storywise nod, this is a move in a good, different direction for the singer. For most of her career lot of her videos have had continuing similarities – which have gotten quite old. Not to say that I enjoy her flaunting around the store with animals, but it is refreshing. I have no idea why they would not have wanted to solely build upon her waitressing job shown at the beginning in the storyline. I’m not sure if this will make “C’mon” a “Die Young”-sized hit.

Ke$ha C'mon Video

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