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Kate Middleton – Topless Photos in Chi Magazine Italy – Photo

Topless photos of Kate Middleton have been published by the Italian magazine Chi on Monday. The cover read: “La Regina E Nuda!”

This is the third time the photos have been published over the past few days. First in France’s Closer, then Ireland’s Irish Daily Star. Prince William has filed a criminal complaint against the photographer who invaded the privacy of the British royals.

To be honest, the royals going nuts about this may have fueled the fire some more. I ignored this for a while hoping it would go away, but today, it’s just like wall-to-wall news reporting in the major web sites with everything that’s been going on. The royals are basically “following up” on the news story making everyone’s job a lot easier.

They should have consulted Prince Harry. He knows how to handle a scandal! Best Royal ever.

Kate Middleton  Topless Photos in Chi Magazine Italy  Photo

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